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Atlas Shrugged movie in the works

Posted in Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Movies, Objectivism by Phillip Andrew-Locke on July 15, 2010

I don’t go to the movie theaters often. The most recent movie I went to was with some of my friends to see Iron Man 2, which was a great investment. The movie before that, however, was The Golden Compass back in high school, which was, without a doubt, not worth my ten dollars–movie ticket and food included. The book, from what I remember from middle school, was much, much better.

The next time I go to the theaters will probably for Atlas Shrugged, which IMDB suggests is coming out sometime next year. I hope that it will reinforce the impression of the movies that Iron Man 2 so forcefully wrenched from the grasp of The Golden Compass. Since I’m not in tune with the movies, I don’t know many of the actors who will appear in the movie: Paul Johannson as John Galt, Taylor Schilling as Dagny Taggart, and Jsu Garcia as Francisco d’Anconia elicit no reaction from me except one of slight confusion. I wouldn’t have minded if Angelina Jolie was cast as Dagny, since she professes to sympathize with Objectivism–in which case, Brad Pitt might have tagged along as well. My encounters with Brad Pitt’s movies have generally been positive, even though I had bad experiences with Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Burn After Reading.

There are some major potential shortcomings about the movie. I read somewhere that Atlas Shrugged will be cut into four movies, but I don’t know the truth of that source. Ayn Rand supporters will find their way to the theaters for the movies, so there is a definite consumer base, but make one wrong move and the movie will have not only the liberals against it (such as the writer of this article: Atlas Shrugged is a Dangerous Bad Idea etc. etc.) but also the Objectivists. In addition, the writer of the screenplay, Brian Patrick O’Toole, hasn’t had a large history in Hollywood; in fact, his only three movies accounted for on the site, Basement Jack, Evilution, and Cemetery Gates, are rated 3.8, 4.2, and 4.0, respectively, on IMDB. I admit that since I haven’t seen any of these movies to make a personal assessment, I shouldn’t take these ratings very seriously. All I am prepared to say right now is that O’Toole has had a history in writing [slasher] horror films and has before him a lofty goal–and he will be a great man if he pulls it off.

Galt’s actor, Paul Johannson, is the director of the film, according to IMDB. Again, while he has been prominent in the show business (acting and directing One Tree Hill, which I have heard good things about), I don’t know much about him regarding his directing skills.

I know there are going to be some nasty, nasty remarks on Objectivism and Rand after this movie is complete–the beginnings of a massive ideological war have already shown themselves in many derisive articles and the increasing sales of the book.

Let’s see where this leads. Bring it on.